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A Room for Every Reason and Season - It is true that Sunrooms create a beautiful and dreamy retreat for you and your family. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself inhabiting your new sunroom more than any room in the house!

     By day, your sunroom may become an expansive kids rec room, hobby room or home office. By night, your sunroom may quickly be transformed into a magnificent entertainment area or a romantic starry night getaway. 

Recent New Room Product Press Releases

Composite Construction in the New Omega 4 Wall Systems   10 - 12 - 2010
              Our vinyl composite construction as used in the Omega series room is unique to the sunroom and patio room industry. Aluminum, which is commonly used in other manufacturer’s sunrooms and patio rooms is among the worst construction materials for energy efficiency. Aluminum conducts both heat and cold very rapidly, which makes sense when you think about it, since aluminum is commonly used in cookware!

                        In contrast, Vinyl is among one of the most energy efficient building materials; 1400 times less conductive to heat and cold than aluminum, which means the inside of a vinyl room will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the inside of a room constructed from aluminum. Equally important, the frame components in our vinyl windows and doors contain numerous insulating pockets which helps increase even further the performance of our Omega room over traditional low-end patio rooms fabricated from aluminum. These insulating pockets also significantly reduce the transmission of outside noises into an Omega 4 sunroom, which in turn improves the ambiance and usability of the room for our customers.

                        Unlike low-end aluminum doors and windows used in other sunrooms and patio rooms, our Vinyl windows and doors utilize a welded construction. All of the headers and jambs are solidly welded into a strong one-piece frame.  This one-piece welded vinyl frame will not come loose or separate like low-end aluminum windows and doors, which are made from four separate headers and jambs held together with screws.

                        For customers located on the coast, the vinyl construction in our Omega series rooms gives you another leg up on our competition.  In coastal applications, the salt in the air will corrode the hardware in your competitor's aluminum windows and doors, making the operation of aluminum doors and windows difficult over time.  Our Omega 4 windows and doors contain no such hardware, therefore they are perfect for coastal applications.

                        Our unique vinyl composite patio rooms, with our welded vinyl construction, also have a much cleaner and refined look than aluminum rooms since they do not require near the amount of screws and hardware typically associated with typical aluminum construction.  The cleaner look and higher efficiency of our vinyl sunrooms and patio rooms means that the consumer's projects will look as good 10 years from now as the day they were built. That translates to better energy efficiency and a higher quality look now, and more resale value later on down the line.

U.L. Approved Electrical Raceway - New Utility Mullions     9 - 1 - 2010           
                    C-Thru is unique in offering sunrooms and patio rooms with Underwriters Laboratory (U.L.) approved electrical raceways.  No manufacturer in the industry has received such approvals. Why is this important?  This approval means that the consumer can be assured that their C-Thru room was designed, engineered and constructed with their safety and peace of mind in mind. It’s that simple.
                If someone goes out and buys a product that runs on electricity, whether a toaster, a lamp, or a television set; those products have all gone through a grueling U.L. approval process, and successfully passing that test, will have a U.L. sticker attached to the power cord. Virtually every manufacturer of such products have done so for decades.  This process is intended to assure that those appliances have been manufactured safely and will be safe to use.  Since most sunrooms and patio rooms contain not just one, but numerous raceways with switches, outlet boxes and even
ceiling fans; C-Thru believes that sunroom and patio room products are no different and should be reviewed and approved by U.L. just like any other product which contains electrical wiring.  What we don’t understand is why all other manufacturers don’t feel the same way.  

All of C-Thru’s Omega rooms are now manufactured with a new Utility Mullion between adjacent wall modules, which means that electrical boxes and switches can be located virtually anywhere in the room, whether at the time of installation or long afterwards. This makes it easy for the Dealer, who no longer has to think about ordering utility mullions or about where they should be placed in the room at the time he enters his order … they’re automatically put between all the wall modules, and at no additional cost to you or your client.

C-thru manufactures its roof panels with 2 lb foam unlike our competitors who typically use a softer 1 pound or 1-1/2 pound foam. Two pound foam is stronger and more dense. Why is this important? It simply means that your clients can benefit from longer roof projections on C-Thru sunrooms and patio rooms without the need (or additional cost) for unsightly posts and beams.  In C-Thru patio rooms, you can deliver projections out to 23’. In a similar room, Four Seasons can only achieve 16’ without adding posts and beams to help carry the roof load.  Similarly, on C-Thru’s glass roof rooms, our stronger rafters can span projections out to 20’.  Again, compared with Four Seasons glass-roofed room, their maximum span is only 15’.

Longer projections on sunrooms and patio rooms are important, but there is another not so obvious benefit which may be even more important to your clients ….  Stronger roof panels and stronger beams mean products that are built for the long haul.  Your clients are making a major investment in their room addition. Products build to last are what consumers expect, and that’s what C-Thru delivers.


Insulating Glass with patented XL Edge Thermal Spacer            7 - 29 - 2010            
                        Insulating glass units supplied by C-Thru are manufactured in Cardinal IG’s highly automated state-of the-art factory, and utilize Cardinal’s unique and patented XL Edge thermal steel spacer around the perimeter edge of the glass units.  Since 1978 Cardinal has produced insulating glass units manufactured with a unique dual-seal system.  This system uses a polyisobutylene (PIB) primary seal and a silicone secondary seal.  PIB is the best material for keeping moisture out and argon in, and silicone is the ideal material to long-term structural integrity for the sealed glass unit. Units manufactured with this dual-seal system have demonstrated a failure rate of less than 1% after 20 years in the field.  Based on decades of real-time experience in the field and in the brutal P1 lab test, where glass units are subjected to high temperature and humidity cycling while undergoing unusually high exposure to concentrated UV rays; PIB/Silicone dual-seal silicone systems last four to ten times longer than other types of sealing systems insulating glass. 

                        In the grueling P1 test, conditions are generally so severe that if a glass unit survives one day in the test chamber, it is considered to be equal to one year of real-time exposure in the field.  The following table shows how other glass edge sealing systems stack up in P1 testing


New Transferable Lifetime Warranty         5 - 29 - 2010               
                        C-Thru’s transferable lifetime warranty is the strongest in the industry. The closest anyone comes to that strong a warranty is Four Seasons, and their “lifetime” warranty is really not “lifetime” after all … it’s pro-rated after year 10.  In addition, their warranty is not transferable.  Our warranty should be one of your strongest selling points.  Anyone can give a long warranty, but many times those that do haven’t been in business very long. 
What good is a lifetime warranty from someone who has only been in business a few years?  C-Thru’s 63 year track record says something about our commitment to the business, so a lifetime warranty from C-Thru means something.

New Smart Glass  High Performance Glass        2 - 9 - 2010             
            With the introduction of our new glass offering, C-Thru now offers a new high performance single pane product and a new “Smart Glass” family of double pane high performance glass products that outperform all competitive products in their class. Why are we doing this?  For two reasons. (1) To give you, our Dealers, an even greater competitive edge,  and (2) because more than any other component in a sunroom or patio
room, the type of glass used will determine the comfort and usability of the finished sunroom.

Let’s take a brief look at why the performance of glass is so important. What it all boils down to is this the two biggest problems with sunrooms and patio rooms has to do with excess heat gain, which makes the rooms uncomfortably hot; and Ultraviolet radiation which fades and damages fabrics and furnishings. 


Solar Heat Gain: We’ve all had the experience of parking our car at the mall on a nice sunny day, then returning to the car an hour or so later to find that it’s an oven inside. Just like an automobile, sunrooms and patio rooms are glass-intensive structures which make them susceptible to overheating.  Up to 90% of the surface area of a sunroom  or patio room may be glass, so the performance of the glass has a direct and significant affect on the comfort and usabilityof the room.  What sense does it make for our customers to invest in sunrooms or patio rooms that overheat so quickly that they can only be used comfortably on mild days in the Spring or Fall? 


Ultraviolet Radiation: It is widely know that UV radiation is harmful and damaging, to people as well as to fabrics and furnishings. Glass products that transmit a high percentage of UV radiation will result in faster fading and damage to fabrics and furnishings that are used in that room. More importantly, homeowners who regularly spend time in these rooms may receive unsafe exposure to harmful UV radiation.


Smart Glass 30

The first product in our line of high-performance glass products is a single pane glass, which goes by the name Smart Glass 30.  This new product has 30% lower solar transmission than ordinary clear single pane glass (and 30% less UV transmission).  What this means is that a competitor’s room equipped with clear single pane glass will heat up 30% faster than a C-Thru room.  Smart Glass 30 has the same high optical clarity and same visual appearance as regular single pane glass; it’s only on a very, very close inspection that one might notice a very, very subtle green hue.  
Smart Glass 30
is so effective that it even outperforms single pane bronze glass by 8%, and without the “dirty” look of ordinary bronze tinted glass. Clear single pane glass will still be our low cost standard, but Smart Glass 30 will be available for a modest upcharge.

Smart Glass 40

The next product in our line of high-performance glass offerings is a double pane product, which goes by the name SmartGlass 40. This product consists of an outer pane of 1/8” green glass over an inner pane of 1/8” clear.  This new product has 20% lower solar transmission than ordinary double pane clear glass (and 26% less UV transmission).  What this means is that a competitor’s room equipped with clear single pane glass will heat up 20% faster than a C-Thru room equipped with SmartGlass 40.  Smart Glass 40 has the same high optical clarity and same visual appearance as ordinary double pane glass; it’s only on a very, very close inspection that one might notice a very subtle green hue. Smart Glass 40 is so effective that it even outperforms double pane bronze glass by 5%, and without the “dirty” look of ordinary bronze tinted glass. Other’s bronze double pane glass products also block 23% more visible light than C-Thru’s Smart Glass 40.  While not the highest performing Smart Glass offering, Smart Glass 40 is a smart choice when trying to balance performance with affordability.

             The last two high-performance glass products represent a significant improvement over our old Smart Glass, and are called Smart Glass 60 and Smart Glass 40. Both of these are double pane glass products that incorporate a unique multi-layered low-e coating applied to the inside of the outboard pane of  glass. This incredible coating blocks far higher levels of the sun’s invisible solar heat and harmful UV radiation. 


Smart Glass 60

Smart Glass 60  is an optional high performance double pane glass (replacing our old Smart Glass) for use in vertical glazing areas, such as windows, doors, kickpanels and transoms. It provides your clients with 60% less solar heat gain per s.f./hr than clear double pane glass, and 28% lower transmission of damaging and harmful UV radiation than our former high performance “Smart Glass”. The solar shading performance of this glass is so remarkable that your clients can actually pull a chair up next to a south-facing window, and sit down and read a book without experiencing that “radiator effect” that one normally feels sitting next to a sunlit window. 


Smart Glass 90EZ

         Smart Glass 90EZ will be used only in sloped, overhead applications such as glass-roofed sunrooms.   Traditionally, in glass-roofed rooms, most of the excess heat gain that enters the sunroom comes through the overhead glass because the sun tends to be higher in the sky in summer. To combat this problem, and also to reduce the potential for glare in a glass-intensive room, Smart Glass 90EZ will reduce the solar and UV transmission to less than half that of our old Smart Glass.  To enhance the performance of Smart Glass 90EZ,  the inboard pane of this product is the same high performance green glass used in Smart Glass 30. By utilizing two layers of high performance glass in the same unit, Smart Glass 90EZ achieves solar shading performance unmatched by any other manufacturer, blocking up to 83% of the sun’s harmful and damaging UV radiation and 84% of unwanted solar heat transmission. So in Summer, when the sun is higher in the sky, this unique new roof glass will keep the room cooler and more usable, and in winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, our vertical Smart Glass 60 will enable you to benefit from low levels of passive solar gain to help heat the room. Smart Glass 90EZ has 50% less visible light transmission to help reduce glare associated with overhead glass in summer, and to block an astounding 85% of total solar energy transmissionSmartGlass 90EZ is more than twice as effective as most of our competitor’s extra-cost low-e double pane offerings, significantly extending the number of hours that your clients can comfortably use their rooms during the heat of summer months. 

           And since it will be used only in a sloped overhead application, Smart Glass 90EZ incorporates a special “EZ Clean” coating on the #1 (exterior) surface of the glass. The application of this unique silicone dioxide coating makes the glass surface smoother, which causes water to sheet-out rather than forming water drops on the surface.  The unique EZ Clean coating allows wat

Newest Roof Beam Design
        12 - 22 - 2009                   
            The roof rafters on a C-Thru sunroom are designed to connect with the wall system between modules.  Since C-Thru designs its rooms to incorporate structural members on both sides of our modules, that means that the roof load can be carried safely and transferred directly to the wall.  Some manu-facturers, like Four Seasons, use window sizes that span two bays.  In those systems, they will have a 6’ sliding window sitting directly beneath two overhead bays of 36”glass. That design results in the center rafter between the two overhead bays of roof glass landing squarely on the header of the window. The placement of that center rafter coupled with the weight of the overhead glass carried by that rafter, causes deflection of the window header, which in turn makes smooth operation their 5’ and 6’ windows extremely difficult.  In C-Thru sunrooms, our roof rafters land on either side of our windows, therefore deflection can’t occur. Because of this intelligent design, the windows in our sunrooms will operate smoothly for years in contrast to those of our competitors.

Double Cam Window Lock             11 - 4 - 2009           
                        In these days of rising crime and home break-ins, security is a very important concern to your clients.  At C-Thru we understand that, and have designed a locking system that takes a back seat to no one.  , C-Thru uses a cam lock In our Omega product line Instead of latch-locks like our competitors use, which can become unlatched if the sliding panels of the windows are jarred by an intruder.  Cam locks work better than any other type of locking mechanism because once the cam lock is engaged, it stays engaged.  Instead of using a single cam lock, C-Thru installs dual cam locks on it’s windows. Two locking mechanisms for double the security.